Eye ptosis: ptosis in the context of drooping eyelids

Ptosis is Greek and means "to fall". The word ptosis is also used in the context of drooping eyelids which we call eye ptosis. The first signs of ageing can often be seen near the eyelids. The eyebrows are starting to droop and crows’ feet are visible. Bags under the eyes start to form along with excess wrinkles, making your face look less young. Eyelid surgery is the best treatment against eye ptosis.

Deal with eye ptosis with plastic surgery!

Eyelid surgery helps you deal with eye ptosis and makes you look younger and less tired. Drooping eyelids sometimes also hinder the sight of the patient. Talk to your plastic surgeon about your eye ptosis problem! An eyelid correction is only a small intervention which can make a world of difference to you.

The ptosis of your eyelids is history!

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