A skin peeling treatment for a younger look

Wrinkles can be treated in several ways. They can be treated surgically (facelift, minilift, eyebrow lift), non-surgically (with injections of fillers), but a complementary treatment with chemical products is also very efficient. In our clinic we dispose of a wide variety of the most modern cosmetic products to enhance the appearance of the face. Askin peeling treatment removes the dead skin cells which are replaced with new, younger ones. The effect is a younger look. Peelings are also used in the treatment of pigmentation spots, superficial acne lesions and fine wrinkles. In our clinic we only use the superficial en moderate depth peelings since deep peelings can damage the deeper layers of the skin and cause permanent lesions, like permanent skin discolorations and scars.

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Skin peeling treatment technique


Preparation of the skin before a skin peeling treatment is critical to the success of the procedure. You will be prescribed a special day and night cream which needs to be applied for 4 weeks. The day cream will hydrate your skin and the night cream already has a peeling effect.


In the first session a chemical product is applied by the plastic surgeon with a concentration of 40%. The duration of the application depends on the skin type. After 4 to 6 weeks a second session takes places with a product concentration of 50%. For more severe cases (ex. acne scars) a third session follows after 4 to 6 weeks with a product concentration of 60%. In the meantime the day and night cream applications are continued.


  • Application of day and night creams
  • 2 to 3 hours after the skin peeling treatment normal activities can be resumed
  • sun exposure is allowed since the day cream contains sun screen agents

Results of a skin peeling treatment

On a well prepared skin, a chemical peeling results in a natural rejuvenation of the skin with a light facelifting effect since your skin is renewed carefully and progressively. The result of a peeling, if necessary in combination with injections or a mini facelift, is a wonderful rejuvenated look.