Breast lift surgeons: looking for firmer breasts!

Aging causes the sagging or ptosis of the breasts. Our breast lift surgeons at the Van Canneyt clinic are specialized in several breast treatments. As skin elasticity starts to diminish, the mammary gland starts to sag. A breast lift by our breast lift surgeons makes the breasts firmer and makes women feel more comfortable.

A breast lift by breast lifting surgeons at the Van Canneyt Clinic

An aesthetic procedure is the only way to lift the breasts. A breast lift is performed under sedation by our breast lift surgeons. An incision around the nipple allows the removal of excess skin. According to the patients preferences an implant can be inserted to increase the volume of the breasts. The advantage of this combined surgery is that less skin needs to be removed if an implant is used. The wounds are closed with surgical glue which disappears after about 10 days. After the intervention the patient needs to wear a sports bra for about 4 weeks.

Talk to your plastic surgeon about a breast lift

A breast lift by a good breast lift surgeon can make your life more comfortable. You will have wonderful breasts and the disadvantages of sagging breasts will be history. Talk to your plastic surgeon about it !

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