Chin surgery


A beautiful slender feminine chin or a husky wide masculine chin that is in proportion with the rest of your face is one of the possibilities that chin surgery has to offer with the help of a chin implant.

Your profile will be more balanced and your jaw/chin line will be more pronounced.

This will also improve the proportions between your nose and chin. The results are permanent. Nevertheless, the chin implant can be removed if necessary.


Everyone has a unique profile. The proportions between your nose and your chin can be seen in your profile. If your nose protrudes too far or if you have a receding chin, the facial balance is out of proportion. A chin surgery could solve your problem!

Often, all it takes is just a few millimetres to be out of proportion. Moving the chin forward with the help of an implant is a simple and very effective method to create the proper balance. Your nose will then appear to be more in proportion.


The preparations consist mainly of determining which kind of chin implant is most suitable for you. Since there are different kinds of implants, the chin can be made wider (more masculine) or narrower (more feminine) for chin surgery.

The plastic surgeon will discuss this with you in detail. The plastic surgeon will also determine together with you how many millimetres your chin should protrude.

You will undergo a general physical examination prior to chin surgery.

You must stop taking some medications, such as aspirin, ten days prior to your chin surgery. They increase the risk of haemorrhage after the chin surgery treatment. We advise you to stop smoking four weeks before the operation. This increases your chance that your wound will heal quickly and without any problems.


This kind of cosmetic sugery or aesthetic surgery is performed under local anaesthesia with sedation.
The duration of the chin surgery is one hour. The chin is moved forward by placing a silicon implant on the jawbone via a small incision inside your mouth.

You may return home several hours after the operation. You will wear the support bandage for 5 to 7 days after the operation. Your chin will look somewhat swollen after removing the bandage. .
There still may be some swelling and irregularities for 2 to 3 weeks.
You will generally not experience much discomfort after surgery.
There are no stitches to remove. However, you must rinse your mouth regularly with a disinfectant mouthwash for 1 week after chin surgery.
For example, you can use: Dentio or Perioplus.

The final result will be visible after several weeks once the swelling goes down.
Your face will be well-balanced and the proportions between your nose and chin will be correct.