Breast Reduction


Breast hypertrophy can be either a genetic or a hormone’s disorder. It affects a woman not only aesthetically, but also physically and psychologically: shoulder pains, back pains, problems with clothing, sporting limitations, social bother. Slackening of the skin is often related to breast hypertrophy. Breast reduction surgery will therefore not only work on the excess mammary gland, but on the excess skin as well. Some scars will remain visible, even though plastic surgeon Van Canneyt is also specialized in scar removal.


Breast reduction surgery is performed under general anaesthesia by our breast lift surgeons. The operation takes about three hours and requires hospitalisation for about three days.

During the aesthetic surgery, the excess skin and mammary gland are excised and the breasts are remodelled to the preferred shape. Scar tissue will remain visible after breast reduction surgery, in some patients more conspicuous than in others. With medium breast hypertrophy a circular incision is made around the areola and a vertical one underneath the nipple (Lejour method).

In patients with severe breast hypertrophy, an ancer-shaped scar remains of which the horizontal incision is tucked away in the breast crease, making it less visible. A drain is put into place after breast reduction surgery and needs to stay on for two days. Special tissue glue is used to seal the wounds. This glue disappears on itself after ten days and allows the patient to take a shower already after two days.


After the cosmetic surgery, the patient is given a special sports bra, which needs to be worn day and night for a period of four weeks. The bra may only be taken off to launder it or to wash yourself.

The technique we apply, makes breast-feeding still possible after breast reduction surgery. We advise not to engage in any sports, especially weight lifting, during the first month following the operation.

Patients with medical insurance in Belgium can apply for partial reimbursement of the surgery. For this, a special form for the medical advisor of the insurance company is issued at the initial consultation. She will decide on approval of reimbursement.

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