Other Treatments

Other treatments

At Van canneyt clinic we also perform several treatments that do not belong to the previous categories. These treatments are not less popular. These are treatments such as arm lifting, thigh lift,dermatochirurgie, labia surgery, calf muscle augmentation, PMU scars and scar correction.


Our clinic is fully equipped with the latest equipment for all these treatments. After this treatment you can recover and rest in 1 of the hotels nearby.


Arm Lift

Loose skin can form around the arms, causing it to sag. This can occur due to weight loss and a decrease in the skin’s elasticity, or it can occur after liposculpture. An arm lift consists of removing excess skin from the inside of the arm.

Skin Surgery

The skin’s immune system is weakened by strong sunlight, which damages the skin cells and alters their genetic material. If these cells continue to divide, they can mutate and develop into skin cancer years later.

Thigh Lift

Sometimes a liposculpture does not suffice because the infiltration of fat is accompanied by loosening of the skin, which no longer contracts well after a liposculpture, resulting in small folds in the skin. This is an indication for a thigh lift.

Calf Surgery

A calf surgery is the kind of cosmetic surgery is performed under local or general anesthesia depending on the specialist. During the calf surgery an incision in the knee is made and one or two calf implants are placed under the muscle tissue.

Scar Surgery

When your skin incurs damage due to surgery, an accident or a burn, scarring can occur. Scars can become thick (hypertrophied) or even grow beyond the size of the original scar and produce growths (keloid). One factor that can influence a scar is the direction of the scar in relation to the natural skin creases. Scar surgery is the kind of cosmetic surgery that can remove your scars and give you a boost of confidence!

Labia Reduction

Labia reduction surgery consists of removing excess labia tissue. It is considered a defect if the inner labia are larger than the outer labia. There are specific standards regarding measurements of body parts in human anatomy.