Facial surgery


Facial surgery are corrections or specific treatments in the face to accentuate or neutralize a certain aspect of your face.

Under the heading Facial surgery, the following cosmetic surgery procedures are listed: wrinkle treatments, eyelid surgery, eyebrow lifts,facelift, necklift, chin surgery, nose surgery, ear correction, lip enlargement.

With a facelift the wrinkles in the face are removed so that you look younger afterwards. The skin is tightened and the muscle tissue is corrected by the plastic surgeon. This is of course under general anesthesia. During an eyebrow lift the eyebrows and the scalp are stretched. The result is that you will look younger after facial surgery.


Skin Peeling

Tijdens een borstlifting maakt de plastisch chirurg kleine sneetjes rond de tepel. Overtollige huid en weefsel worden hierbij weggehaald. De tepel wordt bij deze operatie ook naar boven geplaatst.


A skin peeling treatment removes the dead skin cells which are replaced with new, younger ones. The effect is a younger look. Peelings are also used in the treatment of pigmentation spots, superficial acne lesions and fine wrinkles.

Neck Lift

Throughout the years, the human skin looses its elasticity and folds start to appear as certain structures of the face begin to sag. This causes the face and neck to loose it’s fresh look and charisma. Tightening the underlying structures with aesthetic surgery can set back the clock, giving back the charisma a patient’s face had ten years ago.

Chin Surgery

A beautiful slender feminine chin or a husky wide masculine chin that is in proportion with the rest of your face is one of the possibilities that chin surgery has to offer with the help of a chin implant. Your profile will be more balanced and your jaw/chin line will be more pronounced.

Lip Surgery

Full lips exude a warm and sensual appeal. The most efficent way to create fuller lips is through injections during a lip surgery treatment. Thin lips occur in two different situations. Some women were born with thin lips. Some women have noticed their lips becoming thinner with age.

Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult types of operations in aesthetic surgery and requires a lot of experience from the plastic surgeon. Therefore, it is recommendatory to plan a preoperative consultation in order for the patient to discuss preferences and expectations about the future rhinoplasty. Two types of rhinoplasty nose surgery can be distinguished: nose tip reshaping and total nose correction.

Eyelid Surgery

The first signs of aging can often be seen near the eyelids. You can see eyebrows that are starting to droop (called eye ptosis) and crows’ feet next to the top eyelid. Bags under the eyes start to form along with any excess wrinkles. Both phenomena make you look tired. Eyelid surgery is the kind of cosmetic surgery or aesthetic surgery that can be a good help in this case. It becomes more and more popular to do eye surgery abroad.

Ear Surgery

Prominent ears, also called protruding ears, are very common. This deformity is attributed to a genetic disorder of the cartilage in the ear. The best time for ear surgery or ear correction is when a person is five to six years old in order to prevent teasing and ridicule in school. Ear surgery on adults is of course also possible. With children, ear surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. With adults, only a sedation is used.

Wrinkle Treatment

Fillers are a substance that temporarily blocks the neural transmission between the nerves and the muscles, which temporarily blocks or reduces the activity of the muscle into which is it injected. In former times fillers were used for the treatment of muscle spasms and hyperhidrosis. Nowadays fillers are also used for cosmetic purposes and more specifically to reduce wrinkles.

Brow lift

The treatment of a brow lift is the most used in later life to hide the visible effects of aging. A brow lift is not only for older people. A brow lift can also help people who suffer from frown lines or wrinkles which are often formed by stress or hard work. Wrinkles can also have a genetic cause. A brow lift is the kind of cosmetic surgery that provides a fresh and young look. A well performed brow lift gives a new, better dimension to the face!