Prices plastic surgery


You probably wonder how much a treatment would cost. The prices for plastic and reconstructive surgery can differ greatly. Some treatments are more complex than others and not all clinics provide the same detailed diagnoses, counselling and aftercare, which makes price comparison difficult.

Online pricelists for plastic surgery are against medical ethics and professional codes of practice, therefore we can’t provide estimates online for our treatments. As medical professionals we strive to inform and visualize our treatments on this website in an ethical and professional manner.


While we can’t provide general prices, we do provide personal advice on a case-by-case basis. Do you have a question about a procedure on our website? Do you want to know the price for a treatment in your specific circumstances? Or do you want to make an appointment with one of our physicians? Then please fill out the contact form!

We’ll answer any question or request with specialist and personal advice. As part of our services we can offer you concrete examples, before and after pictures and detailed information on the treatment in question. We make sure to take enough time to inform you, even if you’re still in doubt about the treatment or just want to know more about the process. This is how we distinguish ourselves from other clinics.


Do you have a question regarding one of our treatments or the price thereof? Fill in our contact form and we’ll gladly help you with advice.