Arm Lift


Loose skin can form around the arms, causing it to sag. This can occur due to weight loss and a decrease in the skin’s elasticity, or it can occur after liposculpture. An arm lift consists of removing excess skin from the inside of the arm. The incision runs from the inside of the upper arm up to the armpit. The wounds caused by an arm lift are sutured with absorbable stitches and skin glue. A compression bandage is placed on the wound for 2 weeks. The arm lift surgery itself takes approximately 1 hour and takes place under sedation by the plastic surgeon.


There are hardly any complications during an arm lift.

  • Sometimes bleeding or an infection can occur.
  • In some cases, you may experience diminished feeling near the wound.
  • Bruising may occur the first few days after the operation.

The wound will heal properly after two to three weeks and your skin will feel supple again.