Protruding ears? Ear correction can help you

Protruding ears occur frequently. They are mostly congenital and often cause psychological problems at school. Protruding ears can be corrected at the age of five. Consider an ear correction!

The optimal hygienic conditions at the Van Canneyt Clinic guarantee a perfect result. The intervention is performed under sedation or under general anaesthesia depending on the age of the patient. It takes about 1 hour. After the intervention your protruding ears are history !

How to deal with protruding ears? Make an appointment with your plastic surgeon for an ear correction!

Dr. Van Canneyt will see you in his office where you can discuss your problem in a discrete way. The treatment of protruding ears with an ear correction may no longer be taboo. Depending on your wishes an action plan will be proposed. The Van Canneyt Clinic In Ghent disposes of highly specialized medical equipment. The Van Canneyt team will welcome you in a warm manner.

Ear correction: Never again protruding ears !

Make an appointment at the Van Canneyt Clinic for the treatment of your protruding ears. The ear correction will be performed under the most optimal hygienic conditions.

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