Why consider a liposculpture?

Excess fat accumulation can be caused by unbalanced eating habits, but it can also be heriditary. The fat will accumulate in specific areas such as the abdominal wall, the hips, the thighs or the knees. A liposculpture can bring a solution for accumulated excess body fat. During the liposculpture procedure your plastic surgeon makes small incisions in the skin which allow the insertion of small tubes to remove excess body fat. A liposculpture is always performed under a general anaesthesia since the procedure would be too painful for the patient under a local anaesthesia.

The results of a liposculpture

With a liposculpture you can lose excess fat in a fast and efficient way. The body contour will be enhanced and you will feel better. You will also lose weight which is also healthier for your body. Your plastic surgeon can give you all the information you want concerning a liposculpture. At the Van Canneyt Clinic a liposculpture is performed under the most optimal circumstances. We dispose of the most modern hygienic equipment and you will be welcomed and accompanied with a smile.

Do you consider a liposculpture?

Make an appointment with plastic surgeon Van Canneyt and he welcome you in person to discuss the possibilities of a liposculpture with you! Enjoy a beautiful and natural body!

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