Buttocks butt lift surgery

Liposuction or liposculpture broke the limits of patients imagination: the dream to have a real contoursurgery. Patients begin to require more and more procedures all over the body, including posterior body surgery. A lot of patients who underwent a liposuction will request Buttocks butt lift surgery in the future.

Why do they search for Buttocks butt lift surgery? Because women love to show round shapes!

Liposuction gives us a real body contour surgery. But a new concept is born: every woman wants round and cerving shapes, especially for breasts and buttocks!

The two powerfull ways to round the body shape are: liposuction and implants.

Aim of the buttocks butt lift surgery:to give round shapes the inferior subgluteal fold may not pass further than the mid line of the thigh.

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The idea of buttock reshaping is to shorten the infragluteal fold, and to provide a good projection between the two superior thirds of the buttocks, even when the patient is lying down.

  • Gluteal implants objectives
  • To round
  • To augment
  • To firm up
  • To rejuvenate

What about the implants for buttocks butt lift surgery?

The implants used for buttock reshaping are smooth silicone gel implants. They never break and never give capsula contractions, so they are perfectly safe!

Butt lift Surgery: for buttocks reshapment:

This kind of cosmetic surgery is done under locoregional anesthesia (epidural catheter) carried with a light sedation. The incision is made within the intergluteal fold. The pocket for the implant is made within the great gluteal muscle. Finally the woud is closed with a medical glue.

Postoperative care after buttocks

Patients have to stay in the clinic for 1 night. The day after surgery the epidural catheter is removed and patients can be discharged. The recovery time after the operation is about 2 weeks. As thou wound has been closed with a medical glue, patients can take a shower every day.