Breast surgery: breast augmentation, breast reduction, nipple reduction.

plastic surgeon can do several breast surgery operations for getting better breasts. Some examples of breast surgery are the breast breast lift, breast augmentation and breast reduction. 
Breast Lift

What happens during breast surgery?

During a breast lift surgery the plastic surgeon makes small incisions around the nipple. Excessive skin and tissue are hereby removed. During breast surgery the nipple is also set to the right place on the Breast

Some examples of breast surgery

Breast enlargement is a simple breast surgery procedure. During the operation the breast lift surgeons insert through an incision in the chest a prothesis. The prosthesis is a kind of container filled with silicone gel or water. Breast enlargement surgery is a very common 
Breast surgery

Large breasts often cause back pain or shoulder pain. They can also affect self-confidence of women in mines. During a breast reduction the plastic surgeon cuts the excess fat and breast tissue away. The result is a beautiful, natural breast with a professional breast reduction.