Why breast lift surgery?

Ageing causes the breasts to sag, called breast ptosis. As skin elasticity starts to diminish, the mammary gland starts to sag. Tree types of breast ptosis can be distinguished: mild, moderate and severe. Cosmetic surgery, a Breast lift, can be the perfect solution for this problem.

Procedure for breast lift:

Breast lift surgery by our breast lift surgeons can be performed under general anaesthesia or under sedation. The primary objective of breast lift surgery is to remove the excess skin. For that, an incision is made around the nipple. Depending on the amount of excess skin to be removed, an additional vertical incision needs to be made under the nipple. According to patient’s preferences, breast augmentation surgery can be performed during this operation. No additional incisions will be required for the insertion of the implants. Another advantage of this combined aesthetic surgery is that less skin needs to be removed in order for the breasts to lift. The sagging mammary gland is reattached to the chest wall and the remaining skin is remodelled around the gland. Tissue glue is used to close the wounds. The glue disappears ten days after the breast lifting surgery.

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Post Treatment for breast lift:

Immediately after breast lift surgery, the patient is given a special sports bra, which needs to be worn day and night for a period of one month. The bra may only be taken off to launder it or to wash yourself. Showering after the breast lift operation is permitted.