Lip surgery for a sensual appeal:

Full lips exude a warm and sensual appeal. The most efficent way to create fuller lips is through injections during a lip surgery treatment. Thin lips occur in two different situations:

  • Some women were born with thin lips.
  • Some women have noticed their lips becoming thinner with age.

Thin lips can be made fuller by cosmetic surgery with injections. Injections can be given during a professional lip surgery.

For example:

  • Your own fatty tissue
  • A good quality filler

The injections are sometimes given by the plastic surgeon several times in intervals of three to four weeks.

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Lip surgery is not very invasive:

The treatment for lip surgery and enhancement is not very invasive. Since the lips are very sensitive, we sometimes give a local anaesthetic so that you experience less pain when undergoing lip enhancement.

A lip surgery can be performed on both the upper and lower lips. The lips can become red and swollen for several hours after treatment. Despite this minor inconvenience, our patients are always very pleased with the results and they find their mouth very beautiful and sensual.