What are the advantages of  calf surgery with calf implants?

A calf surgery is the kind of cosmetic surgery is performed under local or general anesthesia depending on the specialist. During the calf surgery an incision in the knee is made and one or two calf implants are placed under the muscle tissue. You must carry a special bandage after the calf surgery took place.

Advantages of calf implants

During calf surgery, calf implants are used by the plastic surgeon to adjust the shape of the patient's calves. An incision is made and the calf implants are carefully inserted into the calf muscle. Our calf implants are carefully selected and made from high quality materials.

Recovery from a calf surgery

It is important that you don’t leave het bed  the first days after the calf surgery. The first three weeks after this kind of aesthetic surgery you must try not to walk too much. The calves are initially very stiff and painful. An extra tip is to walk in boots with a heel so that the calves can relax. The first six weeks after the calf surgery you ‘d better dont do intensive work. After six weeks the recovery period is over.

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