Labia reduction: removing excess labia tissue

Labia reduction surgery consists of removing excess labia tissue. It is considered a defect if the inner labia are larger than the outer labia. There are specific standards regarding measurements of body parts in human anatomy.

There are variations within the standard, however, if the inner labia are several centimetres longer than the outer labia that is considered a variation in anatomy. This can vary anywhere from two centimetres to sometimes six centimetres.
Women often experience physical and emotional problems with this type of defect. For example, it can be unpleasant or painful during physical activity.

Labia reduction: reconstructive plastic surgery:

Labia surgery is not considered an aesthetic surgery or cosmetic surgery. They are classified as reconstructive plastic surgery.

Most women first go to their gynaecologist. However, a gynaecologist generally does not perform a correction. It’s generally a plastic surgeon who performs a labia reduction. During treatment, which generally takes an hour, the excess labia is surgically removed. Make sure that you have all the facts before you make a decision.

Your treatment will be led by an experienced plastic surgeon who performs a labia reduction on a regular basis.

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