A thigh lift promises good results!

Sometimes a liposculpture does not suffice because the infiltration of fat is accompanied by loosening of the skin, which no longer contracts well after a liposculpture, resulting in small folds in the skin.
This is an indication for a thigh lift. There are also women who have slender thighs that have sagging skin on the inside. This definitely does not warrant liposculpture. Only loosening of the skin is involved here. Only a thigh lift by a plastic surgeon can provide relief in this case.

How is a thigh lift performed?

A thigh lift is a kind of cosmetic surgery in which the skin from your upper legs is pulled taut after all excess skin has been removed.
It is a popular operation because the inner thigh is the first place where you notice ageing. This is because the skin in this area is extremely supple.

The thigh lift operation takes approximately 1 hour.
You can experience swelling and bruising after this surgery, which can last from four to six weeks after the aesthetic surgery. You can return to work after approximately ten days.
During the first week after thigh lift surgery you will experience pain while walking and sitting. You will have to wear tights for several weeks.

The results are clearly visible after just a few months.

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